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Trike Conversion Kits

Tampa Bay Trikes, LLC offers a full line of trike conversions manufactured by CSC (California Sidecar), Lehman, Roadsmith, and Hannigan Powersports.

All have been building trike conversions for many years and build excellent quality products.

They all continue to improve their products by adding new models and improved options each year.


Tampa Bay Trikes – New Vehicles

Tampa Bay Trikes’ line of brand new trike conversions features Hannigan Trikes, CSC Trikes, Lehman, and Roadsmith. Each manufacturer presents its own special brand of trikes that is known for its quality and innovation. We are proud to offer these fine products and hope you will join the many happy customers who have discovered the excitement and pleasure they bring on the road.

Hannigan Trikes

Hannigan is truly a “luxury” trike that provides one of the plushest and smoothest rides you can ever experience. With nimble handling, advanced suspensions systems, and big storage space, this aerodynamic high performance luxury vehicle will let you ride in style and comfort and no wonder; Progressive Suspension Gas Shocks, In-Line Driver Shaft and a Ford Thunderbird Differential all add to the luxurious experience.

CSC Trikes

California Sidecar or CSC has been building high performance equipment for 30 years. After years of research, engineering, testing and design, the company has created vehicles whose performance, durability, and safety are legendary. CSC also manufactures a line of trailers that can match each style of its trikes, making road trips much more comfortable and convenient. Why CSC…well, it’s simple; superb engineering with the highest industry standards all add to the fact that they are built to last!

Lehman Trikes

Word spread quickly that John Lehman had an emerging interest for three-wheel motorcycles. Lehman now calls itself the “Leader of the Three World” and is one of the largest trike-specific businesses in the world. The manufacturer’s motorcycle conversions are always focused on safety. It is well-known for converting a wide range of motorcycle brands including Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki and many other brands.

Roadsmith Trikes

Roadsmith, also known as The Trike Shop, is known for being the maker of the first independent suspension trike kit and the industry's first auto leveling system, AccuRide. It has an extensive line of high-end trike conversions that feature style, comfort, and handling.

Check out our huge selection of conversion kits, motorcycle accessories and other related products at Tampa Bay Trikes for your riding pleasure. Call us at 797-530-9500 today for more information.