3 Major Guitar Learning Mistakes That You Need To Avoid At All Costs

Guitar playing is a fun and worthwhile hobby. It only takes a few minutes of your time to learn a guitar lesson online. The good thing about learning guitar online is that the net is saturated with online guitar tutorials that you can use. But, why are there more frustrated, perturbed, and bewildered guitar players in this modern era than any other time in the history of guitar? It’s because most guitar players keep doing the 3 major mistakes in learning to play the instrument.

Novice guitar players should avoid doing these guitar learning mistakes and enjoy the hobby without regrets. You can find the best online guitar lessons for beginners at websites like Jamplay, GuitarTricks, and Jamorama. Click here to see a great comparison of the top 3 programs.

Mistake #1: Devoting Ample Time to Practice and Forgetting Everything in the End

There are guitar players that devote ample time to practice only to forget everything they have learned in the end. Whats the problem? The problem is information overload coupled with fatigue. Also, lack of enthusiasm or motivation could make everything worse. There’s no point in learning something if you will only forget what you’ve learned in the end.

To avoid this mistake, you need to focus first on the style of guitar playing that you wish to develop. Do you prefer jazz, blues, rock, country, folk, or others?

You need to determine if you want to play acoustic or electric guitar. You also need to observe the problems or difficulties that you encounter during practice. Do you have a problem with your motor skills or you have long term memory issues?

You need to set a clear musical goal and only take the guitar course that can help enhance your playing style and interest. Once you understand the direction that you want to take in playing the guitar, you will enjoy and appreciate your hobby more.

Mistake #2: Constantly Adding New Information That Only Creates Further Confusion

The best things in life are free – this may be true, but not always. Bear in mind that quality information is better than quantity. The more you know, the more you get confused. Why? It is because not every piece of information that you hear or read is something you really need.

Getting hundreds of guitar tutorial videos for free won’t guarantee that you will become a better guitar player, especially if the videos came from different instructors. Each instructor has their own style and will naturally impart their style to the audience. Adapting the guitar playing style of each instructor into your own playing style may only lead to chaos. The music that you might produce is something muddled and messy.

If you don’t want the freebies to go to waste, then you can just pick the videos with playing styles that bear some similarities with yours. You need to make sure that you will be able to arrange the tutorial videos in sequence to prevent chaos. You can also just stop adding new tutorials and stick to the quality lessons that you already have.

Mistake #3:Thinking that Top Quality Sound Equipment and Latest Guitars can Help Improve the Quality of Guitar Sound

A crappy guitar sound is a crappy sound. Even if you use the best amplifier and strum the most expensive guitar ever created, you will still draw out a muddled sound if you lack the musical skills. Before investing on the different equipment, it is advisable to polish your guitar playing skills first. When you do, even if you own the most hideous guitar in the world, you will be able to create music that can be described as divine and enchanting.

Learning the musical skills and applying what you have learned to your instrument is the only way to draw out a beautiful and charming guitar sound. You will only waste your time and money if you buy the costly equipment now while you are still trying to acquire the needed skill.

Avoid these guitar mistakes and you will surely find the most fun way to enjoy your hobby.